Monday, August 1, 2011

Working on Odds and Ends

Welcome to our new followers!  It's so much fun to meet folks virtually and I'm enjoying your blogs tremendously!  I'm hoping that our chosen lifestyle will allow us to meet live and in person some day down the road.
Johnny is in Louisiana this week visiting his daughters and the grandsons.  I wish I could have gone with him, but I'm committed to be here for my work kamping assignment and that meant we couldn't take the 5th wheel down there. Since we couldn't take the RV we couldn't take Sage, so I'm here working and puppy sitting.
I'm hoping to get a few things more organized on my days off and do a little cleaning in preparation for hitting the road again.  So far I'm off to a very exciting start.  Had to defrost the refrigerator for the first time in the 3 1/2 years we've had this RV.  Not too bad.  About 30 minutes with the hair dryer and one thing crossed off the list.
I also downloaded a cookbook software the other day.  My old one apparently doesn't work with Windows Vista which is what I have on this computer.  So I downloaded a 30 day trial of Living Cookbook.  So far so good.  I love cooking, recipes and trying new dishes.  Since it's tough to take the cookbook collection along in the RV, I thought transitioning to an electronic cookbook would be a good idea.  Besides, sometimes I take ideas from a few recipes and put them together in MY version.  Unfortunately, I can't always remember what I did the next time I go to make whatever dish it was I came up with.  So far I'm very happy with it.  It's easy to copy recipes that I try and like from the web into the cookbook so I can find them later.  It also lets you add pictures and notes and change the portions.  Added features are the ability to create menus and shopping lists.  Not sure I will ever get that far, but I have been able to clean up one little pile of printed recipes!  I'm also hoping it will let me publish recipes that turn out particularly well to this blog.  Not sure if it can do that or not yet...

The other thing I'm playing with is creating our own personal Amazon store.  It seems like a good way to share products that we've found particularly useful, fun or interesting.  AND if you order something from Amazon via our blog we get a small paycheck.  (I'm sure most of you already know that, but I had to say it anyway...)  Hopefully it won't be too distracting on the blog as I figure it out.

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  1. Hard to believe that the freezer has only needed defrosting once in three years!