Sunday, August 21, 2011

Last Days in Arkansas...

At least for now...  I have 5 days left on my workamping assignment here -- tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and next Monday.  Not that I'm counting or anything...  Friday I had the opportunity to help interview my replacement.  There was supposed to be another young lady interviewed, but she FORGOT about the interview.  Never a good sign...

I'm getting anxious to move on.  It sort of feels like our official start of fulltiming.  We will still have things to take care of at the house, but this next move signals a shift for me.   While we're heading back to Austin for a couple of weeks, we will be staying in the RV rather than the house as we work on the continuing downsizing project.  We're hoping to have some friends over to the RV  for a barbecue so that they don't worry that we'll be one step away from living under a bridge and that we will actually be quite comfortable in the RV!

We've done next to no sight seeing while we've been here in Arkansas, so we're hoping to get out and see a few things before we head to Austin.  Maybe a day trip to Hot Springs and a visit to the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock.  Maybe I can manage to add a few pictures to our next post... 

Welcome to our new followers:

  • Lee and Loralie: Thei blog Ready to Roll has some great pictures of the NW
  • JoBeth and Catherine & Grace:  I've been following your blog,  R-V Crazy Travel Journal, as you too shift to fulltime travel
  • Loretta Perno: I couldn't find a blog for you Loretta, but if you comment I will add it.

Oh, and if anyone knows how to add a "Contact Us" link to our blog I would like to add our email contact info.  I can't seem to find an easy way to do it yet!


  1. My recommendation is to indulge in one of the Hot Springs spa treatments. It's about $57, but worth every penny of it! I'm thinking of doing it again as I head south next month. It's a memorable experience. :)

  2. Carol, take a look at my blog. Is this what you want for contact us? This type of contact us will protect you from spammer.

  3. We applied be in the Austin area during March working on a NOMADS project at Decker United Methodist church. Will know in about three weeks for sure. So, will you be there in March?

  4. Where are you guys? We are headed to Arkansas tomorrow 8/23.

  5. JoBeth and Catherine - we're in Ashdown, just a little north of Texarkana. We"re thinking we will drive to Hot Springs tomorow to do a little sightseeing. Otherwise no big plans for next few days. Where are you headed? Maybe we can get together.

    Phyllis-- we"ll probably be in either Austin or Louisiana in March. Kep us posted. Would. Be great to get together.

  6. Presidential libraries is one of the things we like to visit whenever we are close. So far we have always found very interesting.

  7. Looking forward to some pics and history! Cheers! ~M