Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally some good news!

Early yesterday morning Johnny got a call from the VA asking if he could be in Temple at Scott and White Hospital that afternoon for an appointment with the head of Orthopedics there for a consult on his leg.  Of course we scrapped all previous plans for the day and headed for Temple.

For those who've been following along, this is appointment is for the second opinion the VA said they didn't do...

After taking X-rays and reviewing them the doctor said he's about 85% sure he can fix Johnny's leg.  Good news number 1!  Then he described how he would go about it and said that barring infection Johnny should be able to go back to work within about 3-4 weeks of surgery.  And he'd be able to walk on it almost immediately.  Good news number 2!  Good news number 3 is that he didn't think it would matter if he had the surgery now or in 6 months or a year.  Chances of success are about the same (of course barring any unforeseen accidents).

So now we just have to get the VA to agree to send him to this doctor for the surgery!

Talk about your highs and lows... We've gone from working out how to deal with the VA recommended amputation to a prognosis that says while it's not an easy case, it should be fixable with a relatively quick recovery!

By the time we got home we were both exhausted.  Even good news can take it out of you...


  1. Sounds like a lot of good news in your life right now. Sure hope the surgery gets approved.

  2. And once the leg is fixed, even more jubilation!

  3. Praise God. Such good news. I am so happy for you both. It always pays to get a second or even third opinion.

  4. That is great news, we will continue with the prayers.

    Stay Safe

  5. Hang in there, life has a way of throwing curve balls at ya. We had a Wing and loved every minute of it; 68,000 miles in 6 years. Go for it!