Monday, February 28, 2011

February is gone! How did that happen?

There hasn't been too much going on around here.  Just been getting Johnny caught up on doctor's visits so long as he is here in Austin.  He got his custom shoes and brace on Valentines Day and so far it is working out well.  He's getting used to walking with it and it seems to be working.  He had another appointment with a different orthopedic doctor who thought it would be even better if his brace went above the knee.   So we're working on getting that done.   He's also working on a referral to a specialist who is one of only about 3 doctors in the US who does some sort of Russian procedure that might be an option to rebuild his shin bones.  So we will see how all that works out.

While that is all going on, we're waiting on the trailer being fixed and trying to get some stuff done around the house.  Oh and doing a bit of motorhome shopping.  We've found a Travel Supreme in Florida that looks really good and is a better price range for us.  Only problem is that it is in Florida and we're in Austin!

I've been working this week with a very nice real estate client and trying to figure out options for working on the road.  I've talked with a couple of agents who found they really didn't enjoy actually working with clients and ended up leading teams of other agents who dealt with clients.  While I really enjoy working with clients, I'm exploring this as an option that I can continue once we are traveling full-time.  It's looking like it could really work and would leverage my experience and investment already made.

The weather has finally gotten very nice this week, so I'm hoping to play some golf and get some work done in the yard.


  1. Our granddaughter in Burnett tells us the weather has greatly improved this week in your part of the country.

    Here is every wish that the leg situation gets settled soon.

  2. Glad Johnny is getting his leg taken care of. Florida isn't all that far. Take a two day vacation, and you will have it whipped.. :)