Friday, March 18, 2011

Free Fridays -- NOOKbooks

First, welcome our new readers, Jay and Jill!  I didn't see that you folks have a blog, but if you do please comment and let us know what it is.  We'd love to see what you are up to as well.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned that Johnny got me a color NOOK for Christmas.   I had thought it would be a good thing to have when we hit the road fulltime.  I'm loving it!  Johnny says he thinks I've used it more than any other gift he's gotten me -- except maybe the NDSU golf bag he got me a couple of years ago.

After much research we decided on the color NOOK because of the availability of electronic magazines.  The NOOK lets you either buy individual issues or subscribe to many of your favorite magazines -- a great feature if you're traveling fulltime.  The magazines look just like the paper version -- full color, pictures and yes, advertisements (boo.. hiss...)  Right now I subscribe to a couple of food magazines because I love trying new recipes.  We're anxiously waiting for golf and motorcycle magazines to be available.  The good news is that every day the list of available magazines grows.  The price varies depending on the publisher.  None are more than the paper subscription and some are cheaper.  

One of the other things we liked about the color NOOK is the children's books available.  Great for having something to read to the grandkids when they visit!

I also like that it is backlit and lets me read before going to sleep at night.  It automatically goes to sleep a couple of minutes after I fall asleep and doesn't bother Johnny the way turning on the light to read does.  Besides, I can make the print bigger so I don't need my glasses to read in bed.  I just have to turn the page a lot more often!

I recently learned Barnes and Noble offers a FREE NOOKbook every Friday.  I'm finding it's a great way to try new authors and always make sure I have something new available to read.  B&N has other books available for free everyday, but the Friday Freebie is a book that you normally would pay for, but they are offering for free for one day.  Most of the books seem to be one in a series by that author.  Obviously a strategy to get you hooked and then buying more books, but who cares if it introduces you to an author you enjoy.  Just click on the link above to check out this week's free book.  Some people complain that it's hard to find the actual book to download.  I found that if you just click on the book cover it will take you to the download page.  If you find that link doesn't work for next Friday, just search for "Free Fridays" in NOOKbooks and it will take you to the current Friday's book.

So now when Johnny goes for surgery next Wednesday I'll carry along 15 or so magazines and a dozen books... All in my little NOOK.   So much lighter than the tote bag I used to haul around!


  1. Sounds great, but doesn't this have a monthly charge?

  2. There's no monthly charge for the free book. There is a monthly fee for the magazines, but only if you subscribe.

  3. Never heard of NOOK. That just goes to show you I must live in my own little world.

    SOunds like you are enjoying it.