Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Quiet Day Dealing with Insurance

Johnny was back to work last night and I spent the day checking on changing our RV insurance to fulltime coverage.  For right now we opted to stay with National Interstate.  Making the necessary changes increased our premium $150 a year, but we've been very satisfied with their claims service.  So we decided to stick with them. 

I do have to thank Gina Shaver at Epic Insurance in Souix Falls.  She was incredibly helpful talking me through the changes we needed to make to our policy even though she knew upfront that she couldn't write the policy since she's not licensed in Texas --- yet...  If you need fulltime rv insurance and your rv is not registered in Texas I definitely recommend giving her a call.

Other than that I just tried to shift to a schedule where I get up earlier and go to bed earlier.  With Johnny working nights I tend to stay up very late and sleep in.  Not the best schedule for getting anything done unless you're going to work at night...  So today I was up at 9 am and have updated our blog before 10:30!  Let's see what else I can do today!

Hope ya'll have a great one!


  1. Gina is the BEST. When we changed to SD she came highly recommended. We had a claim only five weeks later on a Saturday afternoon. I called her office, she was not in. A short time later she called me. She was on way to airport to fly to Disney World. She told us what to do and even gave me her cell number should we have a problem. Don't get service like that often!

  2. I think I got Gina's contact info from your post on the RV-Dreams Forum Phyllis. She's considering getting her Texas license. I hope she does. I would LOVE to be able to write our insurance through her. She was so helpful. Told me what to ask about and what to look out for even though she couldn't write the policy.

  3. Hey there Sweet Pea! :)

    I used to love snacking on junk food on road trips. Then I found that if I pack A BUNCH of healthy stuff, I can eat the WHOLE trip long for a lot less calories :)

    Thanks for stopping by today!