Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 5 -- Miscellaneous Random Things

Today was one of those "we really live in our RV, not just vacation there" days.  Those of you who are also fulltiming know what I mean.  It was just an ordinary day filled with the ordinary things you do to keep things running on the homefront.

Sage woke up when she heard me puttering in the kitchen and took up her usual post guarding the entry to the bedroom where Johnny was sleeping.  But she sure wasn't going to let me out of her sight so long as I was in the kitchen!

I did a little rearranging of our patio area outside.  The other evening when we had a campfire I learned that I had put the grill downwind of the firepit.  Not a good idea!  So I moved those things around and also put the tire covers on the 5er.  Since we're not likely to move until June when we head to Daytona Beach and since it was relatively dry and warm today I figured it was a good day to get it done.  Hopefully it will help with our tire life!

I also managed to take a picture of this cocoon? hanging in the tree over our patio.  At least I think it's a cocoon.  Does anyone have any idea what I might see hatch down the road?

I'm still trying to figure out how to rearrange things in the garage/living room so there is optimal storage, comfortable lounging and space to use the Wii.  The chair in the picture below has to move because it gets in the way when I try to do things like sit ups and lunges.  Or maybe not...
Johnny got a new "tackle storage system" for Christmas that is sure to make him the envy of all serious fishermen.  I'm excited because it took the place of 3 tackle boxes (1 nearly as large) and a worm bag.  Now everything is nicely organized in matching containers.  Johnny always gives me a hard time about my thing for having things in containers... lol  

As you can see our little Christmas tree is still up.  It's missing the ornaments, but it's still standing.  In my family the Christmas decorations never came down until after January 6th.  I figured it was okay to get a little head start today since it's the 5th.  Johnny's sort of puzzled by some of my idiocycracies, but he tolerates most of them...

I fried some chicken livers for dinner (lunch?) today before Johnny went to work.  I know... Wii workouts and fried chicken livers?  Well, it's not like I have them everyday... Especially with the mess they make!  And we had brussel sprouts with them...  At least I remembered to cover the smoke detector.  Does anyone else have to resort to this sort of thing when they cook?  Our smoke detector goes off whenever you do anything more than boil water on the stove.  If anyone has any solutions other than the very attractive shower cap option, please let us know!

That's about it.  Tomorrow is laundry day I think... 


  1. GIRL!!! You crack me up! Doing situps and lunges in the RV with the Wii :) :) Then cooking up chicken livers! FUNNY stuff!

    Ok, so our solution for cooking up smokey or stinky stuff is to use one of those propane flame thingys and take the frying pan outside to cook.

    Sort of like old fashioned camp cooking.


  2. Love the shower cap idea! Our smoke alarm goes off all the time too and we dismantle it until the cooking is finished...or we forget about for a day or two. I'm getting a shower cap because
    I know I would remove that ugly thing ASAP.

  3. I moved my smoke detector to a wall within 12" of ceiling. As long as I run the range vent, mine behaves.
    Maybe I have it trained better!
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX