Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back in Austin

We headed back to Austin on Wednesday.  Johnny had an appointment Thursday morning with the prostetics group to have moulds made of his feet for custom shoes and start the process of building a custom brace for his right lower leg.  Since getting the custom shoes will take at least 3 weeks, we're headed back there on Monday to see if they can use a pair of shoes he currently has to get started on the brace.  Keeping our fingers crossed on that as it will speed up the process considerably.

After his appointment I took care of a couple of real estate things and then we stopped to look at Trikes.  We've decided that trading the motorcycle for a trike makes sense at this point.  We found a nice red Goldwing that is all tricked out with chrome and lights.  Pretty nice!  Johnny's thinking I might even be tempted to learn to drive it... Not so sure on that, but the passenger seat looks plenty comfortable!

Friday was a beautiful day.  Thought about playing golf, but the yard at the house was begging for some attention.  So I spent the day trimming back the rose bushes and cleaned up most of one bed in the front.  Filled up 8 of those paper lawn trimming bags by the end of the day.  Still have some work to do, but at least got a start.  Bet all you fulltimers out there are jealous of the time spent doing yard work!  NOT!  LOL...

Today's been pretty quiet.  Trying to go through the freezer and pantry to see what we have and what we need to turn it into balanced meals.  I need to go to the grocery soon to pick up a few things.  

Tomorrow I'm marshalling at the golf course, so that will take up most of my day.  Hope the weather stays nice!


  1. Carol, if you've never ridden on two wheels, the trike is a breeze! They now have classes for trikes & sidecar drivers.

  2. You bet we are REALLY jealous. I am jealous when I hear my daughter (who bought our house) talk about bagging bags and bags of leaves. I am jealous when I hear her talk about mowing two acres of lawn. And I am REALLY jealous when they talk about have to get a snow blower to clear the sidewalks and driveway in order to get out to the icy, snow covered street. Yea, we sure do miss those things.

  3. Hope you get your trike. They sure look comfortable to me. Wish we could still ride, but we are doing other things now.