Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Already December!

I can't believe it's December already.  Although the temperatures are sure feeling like it!  At least it finally stopped with the wind and rain.  Just chilly now. 

I can sort of relate to Howard Payne's dilemna with the RV-Dreams Journal -- sometimes it's hard to find things to write about when you are sitting in one place!

Before I forget, I want to thank and welcome our new followers -- that's pretty much ALL of you!  It's funny to find people are interested in what we are doing.  But then I'm interested in what you all are doing, so I guess it's not all that weird. 

Also, for those of you who have wondered about the picture on the header of our blog -- it's the view from the back of our infield spot at Daytona International Speedway late at night.  It's amazing how peaceful and beautiful it is when just a few hours earlier or later it's filled with noisy crowds and lots of horsepower driving in circles!

As for what we've been up to the past week, we had a very nice -- if wet and cold -- Thanksgiving.  Just the two of us and the dog.  All the traditional stuff except pie.  We were supposed to go to some of Johnny's co-workers for pie, but it was so wet and nasty we didn't feel like getting out.

We went motorhome shopping and did a little Christmas shopping on Friday.  Didn't find the perfect motorhome yet, but had fun and narrowed in on what we are looking for a little better.

I finally booked my flight to Fargo, North Dakota.  My niece graduates from NDSU on December 16th/17th.  Why 2 days?  Her Respiratory Therapy class has their ceremony on the 16th.  And the official NDSU ceremony is the 17th.  So 2 days of graduation.  Oh, and NDSU made the football playoffs for the first time since moving up a division.  Maybe all the excitment will keep me warm!

Not too much going on the rest of the week.  Just working on cleaning up some things that accumulate in the 5er and better organizing some other things.  Funny how things accumulate here just like they do in a stix and brix house!

Today I hung up a bunch of little 3M sticky hooks to hang necklaces from.  I LOVE those sticky hooks for the RV!  The little ones fit inside the frame of the cupboard door in the bedroom.  I think they will work pretty well.  Just wish I would've gotten them lined up better -- not that I'm a perfectionist or anything!  I thought it might help some of you other ladies figure out how to keep your necklaces accessible, tangle free and not taking up much space.

We changed out the waterhose for the one with the heat tape on it.  Just so we're prepared for those colder nights.  And then I put everything back in the basement storage while Johnny went to work.  Sage and I tried to start a campfire, but we're not very good at it so we finally gave up when it got too chilly and came inside.

Now Sage is snuggled up on the couch.  She seems to like the new cushions!  I do too!

Tomorrow Sage is getting a haircut.  She'll be mortified, but she'll look like she lost 10 pounds and there will be a lot less dog hair to sweep up!  And I need to make a Walmart run.  Groceries and a small Christmas tree for the 5er along with a few other things that made the list.  Must do my part to support the economic recovery ya know!


  1. I did the same thing with my necklaces but did one thing different. Most of mine are chains and driving down the road they would swing back & forth and tangle. So I now have them inside straws and the straw clips into another type of fastener...a cable clip. Works great!

  2. I was worried about the swinging. More about the pearls getting scratched. Most of mine are chains as well. Trying to envision the cable clip. How is it hooked to the door?

  3. Looks like Sage is ready to go!!

    Travel Safe