Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Running the Roads...

Welcome to all our new followers!  It's great getting to know you all through your blogs for now.  Hopefully we can connect on the road soon.

Since our last post I've been back and forth to Ashdown, Arkansas several times.  I think there was a total of 3 round trips in there.   I had to come back to Austin for a commitment I couldn't change.  Then back to Arkansas to pick up Johnny for some doctor's appointments here in Austin.  Then take him back to Arkansas and come back to Austin to host a golf tournament for the Austin Executive Women's Golf Association

Now I'm trying to wrap up loose ends and pack to head to Fargo, North Dakota for my niece, Alicia's, graduation from North Dakota State University.  While I'm in North Dakota I'll get to celebrate Christmas with my Mom and older brother and his family.  Hoping to eat some lefse and bring some back to Austin.  Trying to figure out what to pack so I don't freeze to death!  I'm sure 50 degrees will feel positively balmy when I get back down south!

Then back to Austin to pack up to head to Arkansas and then Louisiana for Christmas with Johnny's kids and grandkids. 

This month is actually a good snapshot of one of the reasons we're going to go fulltime in the RV.  Trying to take care of things in Austin and be able to spend time together just sort of makes me crazy -- not to mention puts a ton of miles on the Avalanche!

I best get busy.  Need to do laundry, get one more Christmas present and pack.  Oh, and got get a manicure!


  1. WOW, you're all over the place. Hope to see y'all down the road.

    Stay Safe

  2. All that driving around is crazy. ND should be nice and snowy making you appreciate the south. My kids are going to visit from Iowa and are excited to get out of the snow for awhile. Have fun in ND-safe travels and Merry Christmas!