Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Healing Update

Johnny had another follow up appointment with the surgeon.  Things are looking good.  

No sign of the strep infection they found 2 weeks ago.  The doc wants Johnny to keep taking the Keflex for about 4 more weeks just to be sure it's all gone and doesn't flair up again.  The incision on the back of his heel continues to make good healing progress.  The switched it to a dry dressing and hopefully that will speed things along.  He has 1 incision on his shin where they had to chip away at the broken bone in order to straighten it(apologies to the more squeamish of our readers) that is taking it's time healing.  But it's slowing getting there.  The doctor thinks a vacumn (?) treatment might help speed that along, so he talked to the VA about getting that going.  But given the way that goes, it will probably be healed by the time they make the arrangements!  That's okay, so long as it heals.  So now I'm going to need to do a wet to dry dressing on that one.  I'm learning a lot more about nursing than I ever thought I would!

Johnny's going to try to go back to work on Friday so we're headed back to Arkansas tomorrow.  I'm going to start working in the sales office at the campground as a workkamping assignment.  That should be interesting and I'll get a bit of the inside scoop on the whole membership campground scene.  Figure it might be useful to know more about those things someday.


  1. Glad to hear Johnny is healing well. Have fun getting your feet wet at the workamping gig! :)

  2. Glad things are improving on the medical front. :)

  3. Great the healing is coming along and you are probably right in that he will be healed before they decide what to do and to get it scheduled.
    I think workamping is a good thing and with the fuel prices lately we may look into it next year. I think it would be easier for me to sit in a location for a month or so if I am busy.

    Stay Safe

  4. Glad to head everything is healing well and both of you are able to get back to work.