Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making New Friends

When we first started thinking about living fulltime in the RV, I did what I always do -- RESEARCH!

In the process I happened across Howard and Linda Payne's website.  While there are lots of websites and information out there about RV travel and fulltime RV living, theirs is the first site I had found that laid out the thought process of going fulltime.  Especially if you aren't financially ready to retire and live off your savings.  Reading their thoughts and those of others on the site really helped us come to the conclusion that it was really feasible for us to travel fulltime in the RV. 

Not only is the information great, their site is also the place where I learned about the great sense of community there is among some of the fulltimers out there.  Reading their blogs and connecting with them in the RV-Dreams Chat Room has introduced me to some great folks out there.  I'm still working on building my reading list, but you can see some of the blogs I follow on the right side of the page.  Their genuine caring and helpfulness whether they've ever met you in person or not is truly amazing!

Johnny made the comment the other day that I have as many online rving friends as I have friends in Austin!  Well, maybe not quite -- YET!  But working on it!

And while I haven't met any of these fine folks in person yet, Johnny has!  While in the RV-Dreams Chat Room earlier this week, FDR5 was also there.  Generally people use their chatroom name, followed by the state they are currently in.  Well FDR5 indicated he was in Arkansas.  I asked where and it turns out they were in Ashdown which is the same place Johnny is staying while working a project in the area.  Not only were they in the same town -- they were actually in the same rv park -- Millwood Landing Golf and RV Resort!  How bizarre is that!  Johnny was able to get together for a few minutes with John and Bridget before he went to work and they left on Friday.  If you check out their blog from this week, you can see the park where we're staying, our 5th wheel and Johnny on his way to work!  Johnny said they are great folks in person too and was happy to meet up with them, even if only briefly.

John and Bridget are off to Mississippi for a couple of months, but hopefully we will all get together again in the near future.  And maybe play some golf!

Speaking of, I best go get ready.  Today I'm marshalling at Falconhead Golf Course.  It's a beautiful sunny day.  A little windy and not supposed to get above 65 but still should be a fun day!  It's a great  course and if the weather holds I'm playing tomorrow with some girlfriends.

Take care all and have fun today, whatever you are doing!


  1. Made it back to MS. Going to the fire station I worked at before retiring for breakfast. Looking forward to meeting you somewhere down the road.

    Stay Safe

  2. Great blog! It's great seeing another blog to read from someone in the chatroom. Thanks, you have a new follower.

  3. I can't wait to meet up with you two. I still think it's neat Johnny got to meet two great people already from the chatroom.