Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly Update

Another week at Amazon down.  Not that any of us are counting or anything... lol

Really it's not too bad... So long as you don't expect to change anything.  We're busy the whole shift, so time goes fast.  And I continue to be amazed by the huge variety of products shipped out of the Coffeyville facilty.

We took a ride up to Pittsburg, Kansas Thursday evening to check out the chicken at Chicken Mary's.  Jim and Jacque had seen the place mentioned on a show on The Food Network.  The collective opinion was that it wasn't worth the drive, but the company was good and the drive through the Kansas farmland was pretty.

Friday we played golf.  Johnny played all 18 holes again and didn't suffer as badly afterward as the week before, so that's good progress.  It was really windy, but unfortunately none of us could blame our scores on the wind!  

Today was college football day.  We had thought about driving up to Kansas City for the NASCAR Nationwide race, but since LSU was playing we decided to chill at the park.  I had wanted to make a brisket, but couldn't find a nice one.  So I picked up a boneless pork roast instead.  We decided to share dinner with Jacque and Jim.  I did the pork roast and made a chocolate cake and Jacque made some great sweet potatoes and broccoli and carrots.  After dinner they taught us to play Wizard.  I won the first game and Jacque won the second.  They're going to teach us how to play Hand and Foot next.  They're prepping us to be real full timers!  lol

Back to work tomorrow.  


  1. You must have been happy with the drumming LSU gave Florida.

  2. I don't know how to play either of those games. I pretty much have to stick to forms of solitaire. :(

  3. A few years back we stopped at a little out of the way place in AZ I had seen recommended on the Food Network also. What were they thinking!

    YUM Pork roast AND chocolate cake. How good does it get!

  4. We are really card game clueless, just never played much. I can play Euker but I have to review the rules before we start. Glad work is ok. Just a few more week and we will be joining you. :)

  5. Hi Carol,

    I saw your reply on my Blueheron blog about being a gate guard possibly in January. I'd like to add your blog to two of my blogrolls, one is at (my full-timing blog) and the other is the one you posted to. I'd also like to be in your blog listings if you'd like. Just let me know.

  6. Sounds like you guys are enjoying your off time here in Coffeyville. We enjoy playing Wizard, have not yet played Hand and Foot. We're looking forward to meeting you guys. I'll look for you during breaks tonight.

  7. I wondered what you two were up to lately! Amazon sounds like hectic work -- have fun!

  8. Gosh - you haven't posted in a long time. I do hope you get this comment. I saw your post of our blog today. Too bad you won't be in Austin when we arrive. Where are you workkamping in Gore??? We did a NOMADS project there last year at the United Methodist Boys Ranch. Loved it. Ask anyone - they will tell you where the ranch is. We loved the Gore area except for the tornado alerts! If traveling near OKC, go north of El Reno to Lucky Star casino. FREE camping with full 50 amp hookups plus $10. vouchers each for the casino. what a deal.

  9. Great - just got your message! We will arrive Saturday morning. We will be at Decker Methodist Church which they tell me is outside of town. The address if 8304 Decker lane. Me email is

    Email me and we will make arrangements!